About Us


Close your eyes and try to imagine a Shabbos meal without wine for Kiddush or challahs. Iím sure you canít. Neither should any other family of Klal Yisrael.

With your help, Tomchei Shabbos helps ensure that Shabbos will be a joyous day for families in our community in need. Every Wednesday night and before Yomim Tovim, a group of dedicated individuals get together on a purely volunteer basis and organize the delivery of food boxes.

Tomchei Shabbos operates from one small warehouse. The volunteers gather the food from local merchants and wholesalers, pack the cartons and deliver them to the families. There are no administrative costs.

Your entire contribution is used for the Shabbos packages.

The annual budget of Tomchei Shabbos is more than a quarter of a million dollars. This money goes directly to cover the cost of food.

There are no paid employees. Wherever possible, the food is ordered directly from the wholesale source. Over 225 families receive help from this organization. Neither the packer nor the driver knows the identity of the recipient.

Preparing for Yomim Tovim and especially Pesach is a huge undertaking. In addition to the fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs and chicken which are usually included, matzos, potato starch and other key Pesach foods are added.

Tomchei Shabbos is not taken for granted by the recipients. When a family is financially able, Tomchei Shabbos is contacted and the deliveries stopped. Some families are able to provide completely for themselves, while others may need a little help over Yom Tov.

The volunteers of Tomchei Shabbos are deeply committed. In the twenty-five years, every single package has been delivered, regardless of the weather.

Tomchei Shabbos is grateful for the support of the community.