Dear Friend,

We invite you to join us at the BAYT on Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017, 2nd of Adar , 5777 at 8:00 pm where Rabbi Yisroel Reisman will, IY"H, inspire us.

Rabbi Reisman serves as Rav of Agudath Israel of Madison in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, and is Magid shiur in the beis midrash of Mesivta Torah Vodaath. He is often a keynote speaker at the Annual National Conventions of Agudath Israel of America.

Rabbi Yisroel Reisman's phenomenally popular weekly shiur, "Pathway of the Prophets" is a unique blend of Torah wisdom and human insight. Rabbi Reisman's shiur is shown live via satellite hookup every Motzai Shabbos to many Yidden throughout the U.S.

The Annual Tomchei Shabbos Lecture is dedicated in memory of Ruchama Fraidel Zlotnick a"h who was tragically taken on 21 Adar 5759.

The Yom Tov clothing and footwear is dedicated in memory of Chana Malka Weissman a"h who taken from our midst over 10 years ago.


Sincerely yours,
Boo Boo Zlotnick